The essence of a beautifully embroidered Mekhela Chador is depicted gracefully in Sanjukta Dutta’s collection.



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Sanjukta is of the singular belief that clothing is not just a piece of cloth but a key and integral part of every human being and their identity. It is her central belief that one’s clothing tells a story, of not just the kind of person you are but also the mood you are in.

Sanjukta Dutta an Assamese designer par excellence, creates a unique combination of clubbing traditions of different geographic areas in one garment.

The base is Assamese Mekhela – Chador but beautified by incorporating traditional designs of different parts of the country in to it. Rajasthani tradition, South Indian tradition, Embroidery, Modern digital printing etc. are few land mark traditions and techniques which are used by Sanjukta to give a new-fangled look to age old Assamese dresses.

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