Sanjukta Dutta

Creativity was inherent in Sanjukta’s persona from a very young age. As a child she expressed her creativity by playing the violin. But fate had other plans for her, she completed her Engineering studies and worked in the PWD with the Government of Assam. Just when the cast appeared to be set in the dye, a chance encounter in 2012 gave wings to her true calling and she never looked back, en-captivating the world of design. Her passion and drive for creativity compelled her to pursue her energy and time in ‘Reviving’ and ‘Redesigning’ Traditional Assamese attire Mekhla Chador, to help it, retain its relevance and attractiveness for today’s discerning urban consumer.

“Many people look at tradition as a major restricting factor but to me tradition is a guide towards helping us design our own lasting styles, our signature.”

The thought of keeping the tradition alive led Sanjukta to step in to the highly competitive world of fashion designing. She chose to make set her stamp through her very own range of the stunning Mekhela Chadors. Today, she can proudly say that the ‘Mekhela Chador’ in itself was and is her biggest inspiration.

Sanjukta is of the singular belief that clothing and attire is not just a piece of cloth but a key and integral part of every human being and their identity. It is her central belief that one’s clothing tells a story; of not just the kind of person you are but also the mood you are in.

An Assamese designer par excellence, Sanjukta Dutta, creates her unique combination by clubbing traditions and prints of different geographies in to one unique customized piece of garment, with the Assamese silk Mekhla – Chador, in the very rich Muga or Pat, in most cases being the base.

As an artist, Sanjukta loves playing with colours and designs, and this took her to various parts of the country. From being influenced by the Bandhej of Gujarat, Leheria from Rajasthan, Ari from Kashmir and digital prints, she experimented, twisted and evolved textures with her own touch which were very much based in Assamese ethos but also blended with futuristic tastes.

Founded by Sanjukta Dutta in 2014, Sanjukta’s Studios is a high-end woman’s clothing boutique that offers its discerning customers an exclusive experience of design wear. She helps create your own customized pure lineage handcrafted Assam Silk Mekhela Chador or any other piece of redesigned silk traditional clothing or accessories that would tell your story.

Sanjukta’s Studio offers a wide choice of her characteristic silk `Mekhela Chadors’ with different varieties of colored silk threads – ranging from orange, blue and yellow apart from traditional colours like red, black and muga.

Every piece of clothing designed at Sanjukta Studio not just is customized to your specific requirements but also goes through an incredible 45 day handcrafted journey starting at Suwalkuchi in Assam, which is famously also called the Manchester of the East, where every silk thread is handpicked through to the specially designed non-power looms to the high specification quality control standards before finally being dispatched to the discerning client who ordered it.