25 AUG 2016
Designer from Nagaon creates waves at Lakme Fashion Week:

Showcasing the traditional garment of Assam on a national platform could make it globally relevant and improve the plight of weavers. If the Kanjivaram sari could become an International celebrity why can’t the Mekhela Chador do so?

25 AUG 2016
Sanjukta Dutta to Showcase in Lakme Fashion Week:

Designer Sanjukta Dutta has been selected to present her collection at the pre-finale of Lakme Fashion Week. The show is scheduled for August 28. She has previously showcased her collections at Mysore Fashion Week, the Indian Beach Fashion Week and more.

22 AUG 2016
Lakme FashFrom an engineer to a fashion designer, Sanjukta Dutta has made Northeast proud:

Sanjukta Dutta proved that one need not wait for the right time to follow their dreams. Talking to Shweta Raj Kanwar from TNT-The Northeast Today, Sanjukta talks about her journey of becoming a fashion designer from being a technocrat.

24 AUG 2016
What’s Special about Assamese Designer causing ripple in Lakme Fashion Week:

She quit her comfortable government job and there is no turning back from her mission. With the intention of bringing alive the dying Muga and Pat silk she has been pretty successful in showcasing the different varieties of Mekhela Chador.

23 AUG 2016
In Conversation with Designer Sanjukta Dutta

In conversation with Assam-based designer Sanjukta Dutta who would be showcasing the classical beauty of Mekhela Chador at 6 Degree Show, Lakme Fashion Week.

24 AUG 2016
Sanjukta Dutta: The journey of a technocrat turned fashion designer

Sanjukta Dutta, a technocrat turned fashion designer from Nagaon is on a mission to popularise the traditional Mekhla Chador, especially those done in Muga and Pat which gradually began to die out.